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Wolfsbane > Wasted but Dangerous
Wolfsbane - Wasted but Dangerous
Wolfsbane discography (misc)
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I Like It Hot

Wasted but Dangerous


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Bad Moon Records
None yet
Side A
1. Killer! (Slow Tortuous Death - Vomit Under a Full Moon Mix)  
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2. Limousine! (Stains on the Back Seat Mix)  
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3. Loco! Nitro (Methane Injected Turbo Super Fireball from Hell Mix)  
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4. Dance Dirty! (Wickedly Sensual Grinding Pelvis Mix)  
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Side B
5. Paint the Town Red  
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6. Money to Burn  
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7. Manhunt  
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Band members
Jeff D'Brini Bass
Jase the Ace Guitars
Blaze Bayley Vocals
Steve Danger Drums
Miscellaneous staff
John Crossley Engineering
John Crossley Engineering
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Recording information:

Side B recorded live on November 1st, 1987 at Tamworth Arts Centre.

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