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Wolfenhords > The Truth Shall Set You Free > 2012, Cassette, Primitivum Productions (Limited edition)
Wolfenhords - The Truth Shall Set You Free
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The Truth Shall Set You Free


Release date:
January 2012
Catalog ID:
PRP 016
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Primitivum Productions
88 copies
2 reviews (avg. 89%)
Side A
1. Occult Orchid 01:01   instrumental
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2. Bastard Religion 06:05   Show lyrics
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3. The Cartel of Blood 05:19   Show lyrics
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4. Holokaust kršćanstva (Melkor cover) 04:36   Show lyrics
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5. European Tragedy 05:20   Show lyrics
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6. Kozoglav 07:12   Show lyrics
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7. Kult Folk 06:03   Show lyrics
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8. They Live 04:48   Show lyrics
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9. Sweet Torment (Hellhammer cover) 02:46   Show lyrics
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Side B
10. The Truth Shall Set You Free 11:00   Show lyrics
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11. The Warriors of the Underground 02:51   instrumental
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12. War (Burzum cover) 02:43   Show lyrics
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13. Vampire Hunters 05:49   Show lyrics
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14. Saturn Rising 04:44   Show lyrics
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15. The Vault 04:05   Show lyrics
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16. Welcome to Croatia 07:08   Show lyrics
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17. Message to Marija Oršić 02:53   instrumental
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Original line-up
Band members
The Nobll All instruments, Vocals
Original line-up
The Nobll All instruments, Vocals
Read Excellent and unique... 95% Lord_Sauron January 15th, 2012
Read Broadening then bursting... 82% autothrall January 3rd, 2012

Tape version co-released by Hateful Noise / Primitivum Productions, limited to 88 hand-numbered copies.

CD version doesn't include the songs "The Warriors of the Underground" and "Vampire Hunters".

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