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Wolf > Omnes Tenebras
Wolf - Omnes Tenebras
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The End of Holy Creation

Omnes Tenebras


Release date:
March 10th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Cd Pro black polycarbonate comes with patche
Bloodwar Productions
500 copies
None yet
1. Perpetual Prince of Darkness 03:18  
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2. Belial Moon 04:36  
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3. Cosmic Fire Lucifer 02:59  
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4. Licanthropy 09:35  
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5. The Gate of Nanna (Beherith cover) 04:01   Show lyrics
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6. Funus Sedis 04:56  
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7. Perpetual Prince of Darkness Pt-2. 03:05  
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8. Atomic Bomb over the Church 02:51  
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9. Hate (Belk├Ętre cover) 02:56  
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Band members
Lord Vestus All instruments, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Lord Vestus Recording, Mastering
Lord Vestus All instruments, Vocals
Lord Vestus Recording, Mastering
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Tape: Old Skull Productions (cat. no. OSP 004). Slightly different track list and two previously unreleased songs recorded for this issue exclusively; 33 hand-numbered copies, comes with 32 mm pin.

Side Terror
1-5 appear as in the first edition.

Side Necro:
6-8 appear as in the first edition.
9. Belial Throne
10. F.I.N.

Recording information:

Recording and mastering by Lord Vestus in his home studio.

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