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Within Temptation > Live on Air
Within Temptation - Live on Air
Within Temptation discography (lives)
Mother Earth
Within Temptation discography (all)
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Mother Earth

Live on Air

Within Temptation

Live album
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1. Intro 02:33   instrumental
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2. Deceiver of Fools 05:43   Show lyrics
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3. Ice Queen 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Restless 07:01   Show lyrics
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5. Mother Earth 06:01   Show lyrics
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6. The Promise 08:12   Show lyrics
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7. Our Farewell 06:07   Show lyrics
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8. Ice Queen (Acoustic) 03:54   Show lyrics
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9. Our Farewell (Acoustic) 04:46   Show lyrics
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10. Never Ending Story (Acoustic) 04:22   Show lyrics
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Despite popular belief, this album is not a bootleg. Although the CD was never for sale officially, the band did spread a few copies and also gave some to their closest friends and family at the time, so this can best be considered to be a "live promo".

Tracks 1-7 were recorded live at 013, Tilburg.
Track 8 was recorded live at 2MXL.
Tracks 9 and 10 were recorded live at KinkFM

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