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Wisdom Call

Wisdom Call

Release date:
Catalog ID:
MAS CD0287
Massacre Records
2 reviews (avg. 49%)
1. Power from the Sky 03:40   Show lyrics
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2. The Last Generation 03:44   Show lyrics
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3. I Believe 05:02   Show lyrics
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4. Never Satisfied 04:44   Show lyrics
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5. Wings of Tomorrow (Europe cover) 03:41   Show lyrics
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6. Through Fire 04:59   Show lyrics
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7. One Way Out 03:22   Show lyrics
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8. Hold on to the Truth 03:02   Show lyrics
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9. 15 Years Time 06:45   Show lyrics
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10. Time 07:32   Show lyrics
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Band members
Per Hallman Keyboards
Andreas Olsson Bass
Andreas Johansson Drums
Stefan Olsson Guitars
Fredrik Aberg Guitars
Christian Rivel Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Necrolord Cover art
Necrolord Cover art
Read The Side Project blues. 68% hells_unicorn March 19th, 2008
Read Yep this is crap. 30% Corimngul November 1st, 2004

Track 09 and 10 aren't Wisdom Call's songs. They are performed by a band from vocalist Christian L. called Modest Attraction (1996 track 09 & 1994 track 10).


Barcode: 4028466102874

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