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Empire of Hadith - Chrysalis of Sphere


Release date:
August 9th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Terror Music
1000 copies
None yet
1. Ave Kadath 05:22  
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2. Vama Marg 04:32  
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3. Empire of Hadith 06:10  
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4. Midir the King 04:24  
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5. Over Kevaal 07:33  
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6. Vae Victis 06:09  
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7. The Song of Swords and Shields 06:38  
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8. Nodens in Amenta 07:40  
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9. Serpent Vision 06:14  
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10. Chrysalis of Sphere 04:25  
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11. Infinite 02:51  
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12. One More Tear 04:56  
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13. Synthetic Minds 03:26  
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14. Wolfinside 04:11  
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15. Aluminum Glamour 04:23  
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Khaos Guitars
Seldrack Drums, Vocals
Pomber RG Guitars, Bass
Berhkaial Vocals, Guitars
Daemon Bass
J.B. Guitars
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Re-release of the first two albums, including one bonus track.

Recording information:

"Empire of Hadith" (tracks 01-08) was recorded in 1997 at L.A. Studios.
"Serpent Vision" (track 09) was recorded in 2011 at Hay Hielo Studio.
"Chrysalis of Sphere" (tracks 10-15) was recorded in 1999 at IFSA Studios.


"Barcode: 7892860245331"

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