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Wintersun > Live at Summer Breeze 2005
Wintersun - Live at Summer Breeze 2005
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Time I

Live at Summer Breeze 2005


Release date:
June 2006
Catalog ID:
NB 1746-2
Nuclear Blast
None yet
1. Beyond the Dark Sun 05:01   Show lyrics
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2. Battle Against Time 07:50   Show lyrics
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3. Sleeping Stars 07:18   Show lyrics
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4. Beautiful Death 08:46   Show lyrics
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5. Death and the Healing 08:21   Show lyrics
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6. Winter Madness 06:59   Show lyrics
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This DVD was included in the "Wintersun" album re-release and was also sold separately only via Nuclear Blast mailorder.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-2 are handicam recording sound.
Tracks 3-6 are soundboard recording sound.

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