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Winters Bane > Season of Brutality
Winters Bane - Season of Brutality
Winters Bane discography (demos)
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Demo 2003
Winters Bane discography (all)
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Season of Brutality

Winters Bane

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Bane Brain Music
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Side A
1. Hate Spilled Over  
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2. Deadman Walking  
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3. Mask  
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4. Spells Death  
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5. Season of Brutality  
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6. Silence  
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Side B
7. Trioxynon  
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8. What You Wish For  
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9. Brink of Destruction  
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10. Bone Head  
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11. All The Pain  
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Recorded as a full-length album, but only released as an independently funded Promo cassette in small quantities.
Included pro-printed covers/tapes with band photo, credits, etc, on the bands own Bane Brain Music.
Some material from "Season of Brutality" originally appeared in the songs written during the first incarnation of the band, Autumn's Ruin.
Material was later re-made as the Kill Procedure release by Lou St. Paul, with a varied tracklist.

Contrary to popular belief, the guitarist on the original Winter's Bane recording, also pictured and listed on the original tapes was John Comprix, not Autumn's Ruin founder John "Doomsday" Stevens. Autumn's Ruin material was reprised on several songs, however, due to the return of Autumn's Ruin's drummer Todd Bertolette joining Lou St. Paul, founder of both Autumns Ruin and Winters Bane.

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