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Wings > Jerangkung dalam Almari
Wings - Jerangkung dalam Almari
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Jerangkung dalam Almari


Release date:
Catalog ID:
PMC/MAL 1086
Pacific Music Corporation (BMG)
None yet
Side A
1. Watari 02:22   instrumental
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2. R 'n' R Lu Punya Suka 05:53  
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3. Aku Pun Tahu 05:21  
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4. Gemala Saktiku 06:43  
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5. Lipas Kudung 04:40  
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Side B
6. Dalam Kehadiran Sofiah 05:39  
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7. Kau Bukan 'Brader' 04:15  
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8. Jerangkung dalam Almari 04:27  
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9. Awang Trasher 04:29  
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10. Tirai Horizon 06:12  
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Eddy Bass
Joe Guitars
Awie Vocals
Jojet Drums
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Wings armaments:-
- Joe uses Ibanez Saber, Tornado, Acoustic, Fender Strat, Rocktron Pre Amp, Digitech 256, SPX 1000, SPX 900, Eventide H 300, Lexicon PCM 70, Lexicon PCM 42, Pitch Shifter, T. Wah (Boss); Amp (Marshall JCM 900, JCM 800 Jazz Chorus 120)
- Eddie uses Ibanez SDGR, Hamer, SPX 100; Amp (Marshall JCM 800)
- Jojet uses Gretsch Greatest Drum Set Yamaha Double Pedal, Zildjian & Paiste Cymbal, Pro Mark Drumstick
- Awie uses Nueman U87 Microphone

Songs composers and writers:-
- Watari is composed, written and performed by Wings
- R 'N' R Lu Punya Suka is written and composed by M. Nasir & Bob
- Aku Pun Tahu is written and composed by M. Nasir & Nasir Jani
- Gemala Saktiku is written and composed by M. Nasir & Loloq
- Lipas Kudung is written and composed by Joe & M. Nasir
- Dalam Kehadiran Sofiah is written and composed by M. Nasir & S. Amin Shahab
- Kau Bukan 'Brader' is written and composed by Joe & M. Nasir
- Jerangkung Dalam Almari is written and composed by M. Nasir & Loloq
- Awang Thrasher is written and composed by M. Nasir & Loloq
- Tirai Horizon is written and composed by M. Nasir

Taken from the liner notes and translated into English (as originally appeared on

"On January 29 1991, a series of unfortunate events had befallen Wings when the band's house suddenly went up in flames. Prior to this incident, our guitarist had been apprehended and subsequently being brought to court for certain criminal charges. In the year 1990, Black had decided to call it quits. Jojet then came and took over his place. We saw these incidents as being the darkest moment of our career. As rock musicians, a lot of misfortune had fallen upon us. Still we remained grateful to Him that our albums had been received positively and fared well with top notch performance. With the release of Jerangkung Dalam Almari, we prayed that any disheartening incidents would cease to occur since we had been through enough. We would also like to take this opportunity of wishing the best to our bassist Eddie who had recently been married, may you enjoy a lasting marriage filled with lifelong happiness, prosperity and safety that last until your grandchildren" - Wings

The album title translates to 'Phantom Skeleton in the Closet'

Titles in English:-

2. Rock and Roll Your Way
3. I Might as Well Know
4. Magic Crystal Ball of Mine
5. As Swift as Scalded Roaches
6. In Sofiah's Presence
7. You are no Brother
8. Phantom Skeleton in the Closet
9. Mr. Thrasher
10. The Curtain of Horizon

Released as both regular jewelcase compact disc and mini tape cassette to unknown number of copies.

Recording information:

Executive Producer: Ali Bakar
Producer: M. Nasir
Co - Producer: Wings
Music Arrangement: Wings, M. Nasir
Backing Vocals: Wings, M. Nasir
Art Director: J. Nagoya
Recorded at Form Studio, Singapore
Recording Engineer: Akira Yamauchi, Terrance, Darren, Tie Wai
Mixer: Akira Yamauchi
Mastering Engineer: Akira Yamauchi
Promotional Management: Rita, Hamid, Azhar, Amran, BMG
Fly - Wings' Staffs: Ann, Ah Seng, Bombay, B.J, Osamu Osawa
Band Manager: Ali Bakar

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