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Wind of Pain > Mutilate Mankind 1995-1997
Wind of Pain - Mutilate Mankind 1995-1997
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Mutilate Mankind 1995-1997

Wind of Pain

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Malarie Records
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1. Mutilate Mankind  
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2. Wartorn  
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3. ...A World Once  
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4. Carnage  
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5. A.K.A. Progress  
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6. Frightened by the Sirens  
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7. In Union with Goog  
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8. Wind of Pain  
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9. I Control, I Ignore  
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10. Landmines  
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11. Lifestyles of the Meek  
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12. Born Oppressed  
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13. Unkind Death  
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14. Out of Hand  
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15. Wealthrevel  
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16. Trapped for Life  
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17. Smell of Death  
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18. Ascending Darkness  
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Otto Drums
Janne Guitars
Edu Vocals
Vikke Bass
Luxi Bass
Heikki Bass
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Contains all the recorded studio works from 1995-97:
1-6 from \"State of Brutality\" EP (1995)
7 from \"Never Again\" compilation (1996)
8 from \"Farewell to Arms\" compilation (1996)
9-10 from \"Wealthrevel\" EP (1997)
11-14 from \"Better Tomorrow? vol. 2\" compilation (1997)
15-17 re-recorded for CD, the original versions from \"Wealthrevel\" are on the tape
18 is a new track for CD

Bass plays Vikke (Tracks: 1 - 8), Luxi (Tracks: 9 - 14), Heikki* (Tracks: 15 - 18),

Tape released by Malarie Records.
CD released by Do Not Consume But Read in 2001.

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