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Minions of Metal

Wind Wraith

Release date:
May 29th, 2006
Catalog ID:
BC 023
Battle Cry Records
None yet
1. Road to Glory 05:24  
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2. Iron Mask 03:39  
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3. The Devil's Path 03:08  
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4. The Fallen One 04:44  
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5. Eternal Void 05:21  
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6. Bloodbath 04:13  
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7. Nightmares 03:54  
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8. Stranger in the Sky 04:07  
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9. Lake of Time 03:01  
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10. Minions of Metal 04:59  
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11. Let the Blood Run Red 04:11  
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Anthony Paganini Bass
Patrick Blair Guitars (rhythm)
Rob Maresca Drums
Scott Oliva Vocals
Nick Trotti Guitars (lead)
Diana Dellasala Guitars (rhythm)
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Brian Fingerhut left the band during the making of this album, and has been replaced with Nick Trotti.

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