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Wight / Stone Axe

Wight / Stone Axe

Release date:
October 28th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Fat & Holy Records
None yet
1. Wight - Cosmic Rhythm #2   instrumental
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2. Wight - Wight Weedy Wight (live)  
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3. Stone Axe - The Last Setting Sun  
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4. Stone Axe - Slice the Darkness  
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5. Stone Axe - Transmission Pt.2  
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Peter-Philipp Schierhorn Bass,
Rene Hofmann Vocals, Guitars
Michael Kluck Drums, Percussion
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Released on LP only. Cover artwork by Rene Hofmann, hand printed by Fuzz Ink, Greece.

Side A: Wight
All songs written by Hofmann / Schierhorn / Kluck

Cosmic Rhythm #2 was recorded at Jorgula's Castle Of Death (Ballroom), August 2010, during the Wight Weedy Wight sessions.
Recorded by Jorge Medina, mixed and mastered by Rene Hofmann:

Wight Weedy Wight (live) was recorded at Oetinger Villa Darnstadt, June 15th 2011.
Recorded by Rene Hofmann, Nico Petry and Matze W├Ârnle, mixed and mastered by Nico Petry.

Side B: Stone Axe
All songs written by Reed / Brinkerhoff / Dupont / Haslip

Recorded at heavyhead, July 2011, mixed and mastered by T. Dallas Reed, published by Bremerton Grey Music (ASCAP)

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