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Wight > 1000mods vs. Wight
Wight - 1000mods vs. Wight
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1000mods vs. Wight

Wight / 1000mods

Release date:
May 28th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Fat & Holy Records
None yet
1. 1000mods - Burnt Sleep 06:16  
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2. 1000mods - Liquid Sleep 05:54  
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3. Wight - All Beyond the Piend of Being 09:35  
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Peter-Philipp Schierhorn Bass, Saxophone
Rene Hofmann Vocals, Guitars
Dirk N. Drums
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Limited to 100 copies on tape.

"Burnt Sleep" recorded by George Leodis + mixed by Aggelos P*I*M*P Liagos.

"Liquid Sleep" recorded + mixed by Nike Sakarakis and Johny A. Echo at Reaction Studois. Assistant producer: Jim "Spliff".

Mastered at Reaction Studois by John Stergiou.

"All Beyond The Piend Of Being" recorded by Jan Stütz in Audiostudio Dieburg + mixed by Jan Stützt and Rene Hofmann.

Mastered by Jan Stützt in the cellar.

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