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Live in Germany

White Wolf

Live album
Release date:
May 21st, 2008
Catalog ID:
Escape Music
None yet
1. Victim of the Spotlight 05:23  
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2. The Wolf 05:26  
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3. Shadows in the Night 04:28  
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4. Headlines 04:37  
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5. She 04:33  
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6. Eyes of the World 05:04  
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7. Standing Alone 05:04  
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8. What the War Will Bring 10:59  
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9. Price of One 04:35  
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10. Dreams Are Forever 03:24  
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11. Out Of Control 05:12  
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Cam MacLeod Guitars (lead), vocals
Don Wolf Vocals (lead), keyboards
Scott Webb Guitars (rhythm & lead), vocals (backing)
Russell Bergquist Bass, vocals (backing)
Brendan Ostrander Drums, vocals (backing)
David J. Petovar Keyboards, vocals (backing)
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Recording information:

Recorded at a single show during the UFOR III Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany on September 30

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