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4-Track Demo 1999


Release date:
February 1999
Catalog ID:
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1. Proud to Be Loud 04:19  
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2. When the Sirens Call 04:47  
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3. It's Up to You 05:23  
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4. Flame of the Show 04:24  
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On 27 February, 1999, Warrant played a reunion gig in the Eifel town of Prüm.

After the gig attending media people were asked to sign a list in order to receive a new demo with four tracks. They were allowed to determine whether to get a CD-R or a MiniDisc copy (which was state-of-the-art those days) of the demo sent to them by Jörg Juraschek personally.

Two of the tracks ("When the Sirens Call" and "Flame of the Show") are as old as from 1986 according to the band's official biography on their website.

These two tracks were released on CD in 2010 on the Best Of compilation.

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