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War Command > Warlords Supremacy
War Command - Warlords Supremacy
War Command discography (all)
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Warlords Supremacy

War Command

Release date:
December 25th, 2010
Catalog ID:
MMR 021 CD
Morbid Moon Records
None yet
1. Spartans 03:55  
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2. All for the Glory of Rome 07:08  
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3. Attila's War 04:39  
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4. When We Were Vikings 03:38  
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5. Vlad Tepes 04:52  
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6. The March of an Emperor 05:18  
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7. Reich Attack 04:15  
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8. Reich's Revenge 05:27  
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9. World War III 04:02  
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Wolf Vocals
Warkaiser Guitars
Warbrecht Guitars, Vocals
Nuclear Grinder Bass, Vocals
Neutron Cannon Drums, Vocals
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