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Graveforests and Their Shadows


Release date:
April 24th, 2007
Catalog ID:
silence 41
Stellar Winter Records
9 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Hrimfaxi 01:10   instrumental
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2. Motherland Ostenvegr 10:32   Show lyrics
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3. Come, Dreadful Ygg 10:55   Show lyrics
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4. The Midnightforest of the Runes 04:30   instrumental
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5. Grim Woods 11:44   Show lyrics
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6. Skinfaxi 04:01   instrumental
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Band members
Stringsskald Everything
Ravnaskrik Lyrics
Miscellaneous staff
Valfodrsdottir Art concept, Layout
Stringsskald Engineering, Recording
Stringsskald Everything
Ravnaskrik Lyrics
Valfodrsdottir Art concept, Layout
Stringsskald Engineering, Recording
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First CD edition (unlimited) comes with a booklet printed on glossy paper, while the second edition (limited to 500) is printed on cardboard paper.


Matrix / Runout: WALKNUT
Matrix / Runout (engraved): ПБОЮЛ Слобцов Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ № 77-55

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