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Vvilderness > Dark Waters
Vvilderness - Dark Waters
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Dark Waters


Release date:
January 10th, 2020
Catalog ID:
2 reviews (avg. 80%)
1. Dark Waters 06:50   Show lyrics
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2. Danu's Tears 05:47   Show lyrics
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3. Mist Pillars '19 (Release the Long Ships cover) 05:52   Show lyrics
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4. It Comes with the Rain 05:39   Show lyrics
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5. Havasok / Snowy Mountains 08:16   Show lyrics
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6. Wilderness 05:32   instrumental
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Band members
vvildr All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
和美 Kazumi Vocals (track 1)
Miscellaneous staff
vvildr Producer, Cover art
vvildr All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
和美 Kazumi Vocals (track 1)
vvildr Producer, Cover art
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The leading melody (a.k.a. Székely Anthem) in 'Havasok / Snowy Mountains' was composed by Kálmán Mihalik in 1921. He was a Székely physician and composer, died of typhus age 26. The song was banned for decades. It was officially declared as Székely National Anthem in 2009.
The lyrics of the song are about the 1764 massacre in Mádéfalva, ordered by Maria Theresa Queen of Austria and Hungary. Based upon Székely folk ballads.

"Mist Pillars" was originally written in 2014 as a Release the Long Ships song, and re-recorded for this release in 2019.

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