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Vorpal Nomad > The Spirit Machine
Vorpal Nomad - The Spirit Machine

Vorpal Nomad discography (misc)
Jack O Lantern
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Jack O Lantern

The Spirit Machine

Vorpal Nomad

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1. Sacred Society 05:12   Show lyrics
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2. Chasing the Dragon 06:23   Show lyrics
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3. The Trick That No One Understood 03:47   Show lyrics
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4. The Spirit Machine 04:56   Show lyrics
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5. London Is Burning 03:03   Show lyrics
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Band members
Nicolas Waldo Guitars, Bass
Felipe Machado Franco Vocals
Leonel Rojas Drums
Christian Gaitan Drums
Paulo Cuevas Vocals (backing)
Miscellaneous staff
Felipe Machado Franco Lyrics
Juan Felipe Gutiérrez Engineering
Lord Tim Mastering
Paulo Cuevas Vocals (backing)
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Recorded and mixed at ART Studio in Bogotá, Colombia in 2010.
All guitars and bass guitars and bass guitars recorded by Nicolas Waldo at Meggido Records.
Drums and percussion by Leonel Rojas-
Vocals by Felipe Machado Franco.
Produced by Vorpal Nomad.
All music composed by Nicolas Waldo.
Promo Art, Photo and Design by Felipe Machado Franco AKA: Final Frontier Digital Art.

The songs from this EP was remastered by Lord Tim (Guitarist from the Australian band Lord).

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