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Von > Blood Angel
Von - Blood Angel

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Satanic Blood

Blood Angel


Release date:
August 3rd, 2009
Catalog ID:
VR D0003
Von Records
None yet
1. Evisc 01:57  
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2. Release 01:18  
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3. Blood Angel 01:28   Show lyrics
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4. Chalice of Blood 04:06  
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5. Vennt 02:17  
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6. Backskin 03:22  
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Snake Drums
Goat Guitars, Vocals
Kill Bass
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Released as limited time online only free download in 2009 by Von Properties L.L.C./Von Music Group.

This is the 1st proper release of the Blood Angel rehearsal demo which was previously included exclusively in the Satanic Blood Angel compilation (tracks 9 to 14).

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