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Vomit > Rot in Hell
Vomit - Rot in Hell
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Rehearsal 1987
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Rehearsal 1987

Rot in Hell


Release date:
January 31st, 1987
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Armies of Hell 02:59  
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2. Damnation of Sin 03:30  
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3. Dark Abyss 03:59  
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Side B
4. Rotting Flesh 03:20  
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5. Demonoid 04:39  
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6. Telemarksving 04:58  
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Torben Grue Drums, Vocals (on "Telemarksving")
Lars Sørbekk Guitars
Kittil Kittilsen Bass, Vocals (backing)
Tommy Berg (R.I.P. 2014) Vocals, Guitars
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Two different covers were made, the second of which is pictured here. It was released after Tommy Berg left. The first version had a different logo, and was released while Tommy was still a member.

In 2006 Necrohell Productions and Maniac Productions (run by Maniac, formerly of Mayhem) released an ultra-limited CD-R edition (handnumbered to 50 copies), truthfully replicating the original release with the same cover as pictured here.
A small accompanying note states: "Absolutely nothing has been done to alter the sound of the original recording. No fucking remastering and no fucking bonus tracks. If you don't like the sound of it; fuck off and die!!!"
This version is a (semi-official) bootleg. They didn't ask the band, but Lars Sørbekk got a copy later.

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