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Nicatas Drumer / Blackcrowned / Volkmag > Far Beyond the Cosmos
Nicatas Drumer / Blackcrowned / Volkmag - Far Beyond the Cosmos
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Oorlede, nooit vergete
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Oorlede, nooit vergete

Far Beyond the Cosmos

Nicatas Drumer / Blackcrowned / Volkmag

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, limited edition
Salute Records
88 copies
None yet
1. Blackcrowned - Prolog 02:20   instrumental
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2. Blackcrowned - Bleeding the Rats 08:56  
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3. Blackcrowned - Haunted Lightless Lingering 07:53  
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4. Nicatas Drumer - Twisted Towers in the Sky 08:01  
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5. Nicatas Drumer - Fall of the Harvest Moon 09:43  
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6. Volkmag - Bloedig, Nogtans Ongebuig 03:45  
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7. Volkmag - 'n Volk Gegrond op Krag 03:19  
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8. Volkmag - Verkrag en Vermoor 02:13   instrumental
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Nicatas Drumer
Morg Drums, Bass, Guitars
Longinus Vocals, Guitars
Eberus Guitars
Wilkolak Keyboards
Wurdalak Vocals
BC Bass
Scelestus Drums
Anonymous All instruments, Vocals
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Hand-numbered copies.
Comes as a pro CD-R with a sticker.
Released in two versions: black/white cover and colour cover.

Track 1 ("Prolog" by Blackcrowned) is dedicated to Nazar "Naz" Berezovsky of Warthane (RIP).

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