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Void Omnia / Isenordal > Isenordal​/​Void Omnia Split
Void Omnia / Isenordal - Isenordal​/​Void Omnia Split
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Isenordal​/​Void Omnia Split

Void Omnia / Isenordal

Release date:
June 8th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Eternal Warfare Records
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1. Void Omnia - The Terror Which Traipse Unseen in Slumber 07:04  
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2. Void Omnia - Of Oak and Soil 06:26  
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3. Void Omnia - Disdain Reprieve 03:33   instrumental
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4. Isenordal - Eternal Winter of the Mind 15:20   Show lyrics
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Void Omnia
Mike Jochimsen Guitars
Tyler Schroeder Guitars
Jamison Kester Vocals
Cody Stein Drums
Justin Ennis Bass
Jeff King Cello, Bass
Kerry Hall Vocals, Guitars
Brian Hazard Spenser Drums
Lieu Wolfe Piano, Organ
Marisa Kaye Janke Viola, Vocals
Gordon Greenwood Guitars
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Artwork by Bobby DiTrani.

Recording information:

Void Omnia songs were recorded and mixed by Justin Ennis and Void Omnia at Event Horizon in Oakland, CA.

Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Studios.

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