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Vlad Tepes > Into Frosty Madness
Vlad Tepes - Into Frosty Madness
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Into Frosty Madness

Vlad Tepes

Release date:
January 1995
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Wladimir's March 01:38  
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2. War Funeral March 04:40   Show lyrics
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3. Walachian Tyrant 04:12   Show lyrics
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4. Dans Nôtre Chute... 00:30   Show lyrics
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5. Returning to My Old Battlegrounds 02:59   Show lyrics
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6. From the Celtic Moonfrost 03:17   Show lyrics
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7. Bestial Lust (Bathory cover) 02:26   Show lyrics
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Vorlok Drakksteim Bass, Vocals
Wlad Drakksteim Vocals, Guitars, Drums
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Recorded as a trial demo for the two intro tracks: "Wladamir's March" and "Dans Nôtre Chute..." before the March to the Black Holocaust split was recorded. The songs from the War Funeral March demo were re-recorded in a "more raw and brutal way" better fitted to the "true Vlad Tepes sound" according to Wlad Drakksteim, The cover of Bathory's "Bestial Lust" was added last.

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