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Stream of Consciousness

Vision Divine

Release date:
April 19th, 2004
Catalog ID:
SC 083-2
Scarlet Records
4 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Chapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness 00:59   Show lyrics
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2. Chapter II: Secret of Life 05:09   Show lyrics
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3. Chapter III: Colours of My World 07:25   Show lyrics
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4. Chapter IV: In the Light 01:23   instrumental
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5. Chapter V: The Fallen Feather 05:50   Show lyrics
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6. Chapter VI: La vita fugge 04:50   Show lyrics
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7. Chapter VII: Versions of the Same 04:38   Show lyrics
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8. Chapter VIII: Through the Eyes of God 04:31   Show lyrics
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9. Chapter IX: Shades 05:27   Show lyrics
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10. Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not 05:35   Show lyrics
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11. Chapter XI: Fool's Garden 01:59   instrumental
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12. Chapter XII: The Fall of Reason 01:50   instrumental
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13. Chapter XIII: Out of the Maze 06:28   Show lyrics
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14. Chapter XIV: Identities... 05:36   Show lyrics
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Band members
Michele Luppi Vocals
Olaf Thörsen Guitars
Andrea "Tower" Torricini Bass
Matteo Amoroso Drums
Oleg Smirnoff Keyboards
Fabio Ditanno Contrabass (tracks 3, 14)
Miscellaneous staff
Olaf Thörsen Producer
Oleg Smirnoff Producer
Marco Bianchi Bandinelli Engineering, Mixing
Fabio Ditanno Contrabass (tracks 3, 14)
Olaf Thörsen Producer
Oleg Smirnoff Producer
Marco Bianchi Bandinelli Engineering, Mixing
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Vocals Melodies by Fabio Lione on tracks 1-3, 5, 6 (verse), 7 (refrain), 13.
Vocals Melodies by Michele Luppi on tracks 6 (refrain), 7 (verse), 8-10, 14.
All music written by Olaf Thorsen and Oleg Smirnoff.
All lyrics and concept written by Olaf Thorsen.

Cover concept by Vision Divine.
Artwork and photography by Le Ali Communication.

Recording information:

Recorded on Oct. - Dec. 2003 at 2 Emme Studio, Pisa, Italy.
All lead and background vocals recorded at Milu's Rocklab, Fabbrico (RE), Italy.
Mastered at New Sin Studios, Loria (TV), Italy.

Executive producer: Lith Music.


Barcode: 8 025044 008326

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