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Visigoth - Bells of Awakening
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Bells of Awakening


Release date:
May 24th, 2019
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
4 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Fireseeker 04:37   Show lyrics
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2. Abysswalker 05:07   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jamison Palmer Guitars
Leeland Campana Guitars
Jake Rogers Vocals
Matt Brotherton Bass
Mikey T. Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Karmazid Cover art
Karmazid Cover art
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Read The Fireseekers 80% Marcohateshipsters June 28th, 2019
Read pretty good man 83% caspian May 27th, 2019
Read Abyss Walkers 90% GuntherTheUndying May 24th, 2019

The lyrical content on "Bells of Awakening" is based on the video game Dark Souls. It tells the stories of the linking of the First Flame and the prophecy of the Chosen Undead in "Fireseeker", and the defeat of Artorias at the hands of Manus in "Abysswalker".

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