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Violent Hate > Rising from the Past
Violent Hate - Rising from the Past
Violent Hate discography (misc)
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Rising from the Past

Violent Hate

Release date:
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Mutilation Productions
None yet
1. Every Which Way 05:38  
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2. Just a Bitch 04:15  
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3. Hand of a Witch 05:59  
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4. Creation of a War 05:56  
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5. Preaching 03:28  
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6. Damned Visions 02:11  
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7. S.I.V. (Self Inflicted Violence) 01:54  
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8. Walking Circles 01:55  
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9. Killing Trent Society 00:21  
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10. Coma State 03:18  
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Tracks 1-4 taken from "In Between the Truth" split album with Krisiun.
Tracks 5-6 taken from "Preaching" album.
Tracks 7-10 taken from "Annihilation Instinct" demo, appearing in flip order list.

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