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Vinterriket > ...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes
Vinterriket - ...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes
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...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes


Release date:
October 10th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Promo, Limited edition
Regimental Records
500 copies
3 reviews (avg. 47%)
1. Boten der Rückkehr 05:45   instrumental
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2. Visionen nächtlicher Fluten 09:04   instrumental
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3. Im Sog der Feuer des Schicksals 11:48   instrumental
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4. Kosmische Schattenspiele 07:34   instrumental
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5. Raben über dem Grab der Vollendung 10:31   instrumental
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6. Die Ruinen des Jenseits 09:24   instrumental
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7. ...zurück blieb nur die ewige Schwärze 10:02   instrumental
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Read Decent dark ambient 60% Pestbesmittad March 9th, 2008
Read Not interesting... 1% Ad_van_den_Boom April 12th, 2005
Read Vinterriket - ...und die... 80% vorfeed May 11th, 2004

Co-released with Parasite Records.

Promo in cardboard sleeve for labels / magazines / distributors.

Album/song title translation (from German):

...and the Night Came with Heavy Steps

1. Messengers of Return
2. Visions of Nocturnal Floods
3. In the Undertow of Fires of Fate
4. Cosmic Shadow Play
5. Ravens Above the Tomb of Completion
6. The Ruins of the Beyond
7. ...Only the Eternal Blackness Remained

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