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The First Ten Years

Vicious Rumors

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1. Digital Dictator  
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2. Ship of Fools  
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3. Don't Wait for Me  
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4. World Church  
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5. Children  
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6. Against the Grain  
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7. Down to the Temple  
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8. Abandoned (Acoustic version)  
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9. The Voice  
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Carl Albert (R.I.P. 1995) Vocals
Geoff Thorpe Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Mark McGee Guitars
Steve Smyth Guitars
Tommy Sisco Bass
Dave Starr Bass
Larry Howe Drums
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The First Ten Years is a VHS compilation by heavy metal band Vicious Rumors, released in 1996. It contains various footage live, backstage and on-tour in Europe, as well as the band's four MTV Videos.

Today a rare find anywhere, it is a prized item for collectors of Vicious Rumors memorabilia.

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