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Venomous Breath > Et Viscera Sanguis
Venomous Breath - Et Viscera Sanguis
Venomous Breath discography (all)
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Et Viscera Sanguis

Venomous Breath

Release date:
November 2014
Catalog ID:
HPT 09
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Hell Productions
1000 copies
None yet
1. Domus Mortem 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. Necrophiliac Sex Frenzy 06:16   Show lyrics
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3. Banished from Heaven 03:06   Show lyrics
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4. Eternal Return 05:36   Show lyrics
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5. Venomous Breath 03:00   Show lyrics
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6. Empty Life 05:38   Show lyrics
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7. If There Is No God... 07:14   Show lyrics
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8. Hungry Coercion 05:46   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jairo Tellys Bass
Netão Guimarães Drums
Felipe Rodrigues Guitars
Thiago Macedo Vocals, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Felipe Rodrigues Layout
Fernando JFL Cover art
Felipe Rodrigues Layout
Fernando JFL Cover art
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Cover art by Fernando JFL (Giotefeli Anti Arte)
Logo by JuniĆ£o Locomotiva & Allan Gomes
Promo Pics by Felipe Lavorato
Layout by Felipe Rodrigues

Recording information:

Recorded Un-dead between march/april 2014 at CL Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Cristiano Costa
All songs and lyrics by Venomous Breath

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