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Velvet Cacoon

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Full Moon Productions
6 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. Bloodletting 01:25  
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2. Infinite Plateau 03:26  
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3. Nest of Hate 05:38  
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4. Perched on a Neverending Peak 07:08  
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5. Setting Off the Twilights 04:31  
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6. A Year of Decembers 05:55  
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7. Reverie 03:27  
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8. Starlit Seas of Angel Blood 04:21  
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9. World Untouched by Mankind 02:48  
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LVG Guitars
SGL Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Read Likeable but not remarkable... 57% NausikaDalazBlindaz January 17th, 2011
Read The Uglier Twin Sister. 70% Perplexed_Sjel February 4th, 2010
Read Nightmares in a damaged... 97% Sigillum_Dei_Ameth October 29th, 2009
Read Dextronaut 61% procerveneficusnight March 2nd, 2005
Read I guess we really are our... 95% Shadow0fDeath November 11th, 2004
Read Overrating is never healthy... 58% Berserker November 9th, 2004

The first "press" from 2002 was a download only release.

The first full length preparation with 8-track recording. Songs were recorded and compiled over the course of 18 months.

On the re-release there is a 10th track, "When the Purest Flesh Is Alive In A Heart Full Of Hate" (4:56). This track is also known as "Scars of Judas".

Re-mastered and re-released by Full Moon Productions in December 2006 as a double disc. First disc does not include track 8 and track 10. Second disc is 3 ambient tracks.
01. Velorum (22:27)
02. Ambient Planet (29:04)
03. Nighttime Ice Horizon (20:21)

Dextronaut full-length was re-released on CD in limited 150 pieces by Khrysanthoney on 12th may 2010. unmastered version, It contains two tracks omitted from the FMP version done a couple of years ago. This new edition also features new art and layout

Bonus tracks of the 2010 re-release:
9. World Untouched By Mankind (2:48)
10. When The Purest Flesh Is Alive In A Heart Full Of Hate (4:56)

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