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Ved Buens Ende > Those Who Caress the Pale
Ved Buens Ende - Those Who Caress the Pale
Ved Buens Ende discography (all)
Written in Waters

Those Who Caress the Pale

Ved Buens Ende

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Ancient Lore Creations
2 reviews (avg. 69%)
Side A
1. A Mask in the Mirror 05:21   Show lyrics
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2. The Carrier of Wounds 08:05   Show lyrics
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Side B
3. You That May Wither 04:36   Show lyrics
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4. The Plunderer 05:09   Show lyrics
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5. Those Who Caress the Pale 06:16   Show lyrics
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C. Michael Drums, Vocals (clean), Lyrics
Vicotnik Guitars, Vocals (harsh)
Skoll Bass, Keyboards
Read A sketch, but a good one... 77% robotniq October 28th, 2020
Read Ved Buens Ende - Those Who... 60% ConorFynes December 12th, 2011

Re-released on CD in 1997 by Ancient Lore Creations (ALC001) with a bonus-track "Insects (Part I)" (01:38).

Re-released by Kyrck Productions & Armour in 2007 on LP and regular CD with Manes bonus tracks.
Same material re-released in limited leatherbook A5 CD format by Kyrck in March 2009; the leatherbook comes in black and white with additional tracks:

6. Insects

Manes Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis - sessions 1993 rehearsal
7. NMY
8. His Master's Voice

Manes demo 1993
9. Nar solen stivner
10. In My Tomb of Silver Cold
11. My Blackhearted Flower

Tracks 2 and 3 were re-recorded and used on the 'Written in Waters' album.

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