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Speed Revolution / Rules of Mystery


Release date:
October 23rd, 2006
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Days of Yore
1000 copies
None yet
1. Speed Revolution 03:51  
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2. In Nomine Satanas 03:33  
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3. Damned Love 04:01  
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4. The Exterminator 03:06  
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5. Loudness and Speed 03:37  
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6. Black Viper 03:15  
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7. Day of Execution 03:23  
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8. Open the Coffin 03:33  
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9. Satan's Colours 04:32  
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10. Too Fast for Hell 02:38  
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11. Der Anfang / Prisoner's Back 03:21  
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12. Dipsomania 03:10  
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13. Metallic War 04:29  
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14. Why Am I Alive? 04:46  
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15. Outlaw 04:13  
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16. Feelings of Freedom 03:43  
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17. Elixier of Death 03:49  
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18. Caught by Insanity 03:32   instrumental
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19. Evil Run 05:26  
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20. This Is the End 00:14  
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Remastered official re-release licensed from Battle Cry Records / GAMA International.
Limited to 1000 copies, first 250 of which are special die-hard edition with extra glossy UV-coated hand-numbered slipcase and woven patch as free bonus. 8-page poster-fold booklet with lyrics, band pictures, etc.

On this version "Der Anfang" and "Prisoner's Back" are combined as is "Evil Run" and "This is the End". "Elixier of Death" is missing from the tracklist on the back of the CD, but it does appear as track 17.
So correct titles are
17. Elixier Of Death
18. Caught By Insanity
19. Evil Run/This Is The End


Barcode: 823409435125

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