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Vassafor > Elegy of the Archeonaut
Vassafor - Elegy of the Archeonaut
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Elegy of the Archeonaut


Release date:
October 30th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Dark Descent Records
None yet
1. Craft of Dissolution (2006 Release) 06:40   Show lyrics
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2. Servitude 03:18   Show lyrics
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3. Son of the Damned (Bathory cover) 02:45   Show lyrics
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4. Black Winds Victoryant 12:49   Show lyrics
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5. Dreadnaught 09:42   Show lyrics
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6. Dorn Meiner Allmacht (Bethlehem cover) 08:15   Show lyrics
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7. Bloodthorn 07:51  
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8. Vassafor 11:40   Show lyrics
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9. Archeonaut's Return (2007 Rehearsal) 10:47   Show lyrics
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10. Beast of Damnation 03:47  
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Elegy of the Archeonaut is a selected look at the history of Vassafor, combining tracks from previous releases alongside unreleased rehearsal and studio recordings.

Craft of Dissolution - Winter Rituals MMVI
Servitude - Southern Vassaforian Hell
Son of the Damned - Southern Vassaforian Hell
Black Winds Victoryant - Vassafor MLP
Dreadnaught - Vassafor MLP
Dorn Meiner Allmacht - Vassafor MLP
Bloodthorn - Demo I
Vassafor - Demo II
Archeonaut's Return - Rehearsal late MMVII
Beast of Damnation

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