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Iron & Blood

Valle Crucis

Release date:
November 8th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Pagan Pride Records
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1. March of the Night 04:28  
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2. Burn the Faith 04:27  
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3. Soul Fucker 08:16  
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4. Funeral Light 05:21  
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5. Obliteration of the Apprehension of Bygone Times 03:36  
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6. In Nomine Nihil 03:58  
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7. Dissemination of Vexation and Antipathy 03:34  
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8. Iron & Blood 05:09  
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9. God Induced Psychosis 03:20  
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Empress Ashriel Drums, Bass
Jonathan "Skullcrusher" Sager Guitars, Vocals, Bass
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Artwork by Misanthropic Art

Recording information:

Recorded at Dead Sound Studio by Joshua Freemon in Kennesaw, GA
Produced, mixed and mastered at Ethereal Sound Studios by James Barile

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