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Valar > To Whatever End / Enslaved in Evil Darkness
Valar - To Whatever End / Enslaved in Evil Darkness
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To Whatever End / Enslaved in Evil Darkness

Valar / Uruk-Hai (Aut)

Release date:
Catalog ID:
A.M.F. 024
Version desc.:
Limited edition
A.M.F. Productions
500 copies
1 review (avg. 86%)
Side A
1. Valar - Last Shore Falling 07:33  
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2. Valar - The Wind from the Sea 02:46  
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3. Valar - Deadwood Burnind 05:45  
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4. Valar - At the Gray Havens 07:58  
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Side B
5. Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Out of the Shire 02:24  
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6. Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Dark (Are the Fires of Mordor) 13:42  
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7. Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Underneath the Stars 08:20  
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Dragongod Narqath Vocals, All instruments
Gabriel Wolf Vocals
Read Totally unexpected ... 86% BloodIronBeer January 21st, 2007

Another tape version was supposed to be released by Lifeless Productions but this one never happened due to Lifeless going out of business before the release.

The Valar songs are taken from the To Whatever End demo.

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