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Urfaust / Circle of Ouroborus > Auerauege Raa Verduistering
Urfaust / Circle of Ouroborus - Auerauege Raa Verduistering

Urfaust discography (misc)
Urfaust / The Ruins of Beverast
Urfaust discography (all)
< Verräterischer, nichtswürdiger Geist
Urfaust / The Ruins of Beverast
Circle of Ouroborus discography (misc)
The Knives Beneath
Circle of Ouroborus discography (all)
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Auerauege Raa Verduistering

Urfaust / Circle of Ouroborus

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|Target:Earth| Productions
2 reviews (avg. 98%)
1. Urfaust - Verächtung wird einen messertragenden Schatten 02:42  
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2. Urfaust - Der halbtoten Dichters Schein-Existenz 05:13  
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3. Urfaust - Zur Winter-Wanderschaft verflucht 06:44  
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4. Urfaust - Dämmert, gelähmt und mit scheinbar erloschenem Geist 10:32  
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5. Circle of Ouroborus - Dream of Death 04:33   Show lyrics
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6. Circle of Ouroborus - Mouldering Leaves 03:53  
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7. Circle of Ouroborus - Dimicatio 03:11  
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8. Circle of Ouroborus - Eyes of the Flames 03:00  
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9. Circle of Ouroborus - Congregation of Sorrow 04:09  
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10. Circle of Ouroborus - In the Forest of the Horned God 02:57  
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IX Guitars, Vocals
Nachtraaf Drums
Circle of Ouroborus
Atvar All instruments
Antti Klemi Vocals
Read What a Long, Strange Trip... 95% Algar August 23rd, 2007
Read Haunting... 100% StandStillMovement July 21st, 2006

Also released on 12" black 180g heavy vinyl by Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions with different artwork, limited to 500 copies. Very limited colored vinyl version is also available directly from the label only. Comes with lyrics insert for Circle of Ouroborus' tracks.

Song title translations (from German):
1. Contempt becomes a knife-carrying shadow
2. The half-dead poet's quasi-existence
3. Damned to peregrination in winter
4. Dozing, paralyzed and with apparently dead spirit

Recording information:

Rituals invocated under the alkoholik 13th moon.

The songs on this collaborative release were recorded in different venues and sessions. All compositions and lyrics by CoO, apart from the lyrics of "Dream of Death" which were originally written by W. B. Yeats.

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