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Unseen Darkness > Unholy War Pride
Unseen Darkness - Unholy War Pride

Unseen Darkness discography (all)
Hellhymns - The Black Anthems into the Blooming Pandemonium

Unholy War Pride

Unseen Darkness

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Dark Banner Productions
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Side A
1. ...Toward the Eternal Blackness War 02:09  
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2. Unholy War Pride 02:37  
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3. The Art Into the Winter Nights 05:27  
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4. An Order Into the Glorious Days 07:53  
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Side B
5. The Blustery Dark Winds from Dungeon Lands 05:45  
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6. Into a Majesties of Eternal Night 08:18  
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7. ...for What They Have Deserved 02:55  
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8. A Flight of Dark Spirit in the Silence Black Woods 08:44  
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Released by Fogflames Records and Dark Banner Productions.

- Professionally printed cover with band pictures
- Commercial tape with a sticker of Harrowing Soul Productions on one side

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at 41 Studio, March 1999. Track #4, recorded live in January 1999.

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