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In the Eyes of Death

Century Media Promo Tape


Release date:
December 1990
Catalog ID:
Century Media Records
None yet
1. The Dark One 03:50   Show lyrics
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2. If They Had Eyes 03:39   Show lyrics
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3. Dead Forever 03:07   Show lyrics
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4. Unleashed 03:24   Show lyrics
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5. Where Life Ends 04:51   Show lyrics
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Promotion cassette with exclusive recordings.
Sometimes also referred to as the "The Dark One" promo/demo tape.
These tracks do not sound like the later album versions or early demo versions.
Tracks 2, 3 & 4 appear on Century Media's 1990 "In the Eyes of Death" compilation along tracks by Asphyx, Tiamat, Grave & Loudblast.

Recording information:

All songs recorded in December 1990 at Nobel Studios, Bielefeld / Germany.

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