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Unleashed > ...and We Shall Triumph in Victory
Unleashed - ...and We Shall Triumph in Victory
Unleashed discography (misc)
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Viking Raids 1991-2004
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Sworn Allegiance

...and We Shall Triumph in Victory


Boxed set
Release date:
December 8th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Picture disc
Century Media Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
2000 copies
None yet
1. Where No Life Dwells 36:49   Show disc notes
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2. Shadows in the Deep 40:16   Show disc notes
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3. Across the Open Sea 37:29   Show disc notes
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4. Victory 34:00   Show disc notes
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5. Warrior 41:10   Show disc notes
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6. Hell's Unleashed 43:45   Show disc notes
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Each picture disc slightly differs from its original version. Each picture disc has written at the bottom: "This is picture disc #1/6, #2/6... of the limited Unleashed vinyl box (see booklet for tracklist)."

Included is a 12 page booklet with lyrics and other information.

*: Bonus tracks from "...And the Laughter Has Died" 7" EP.
**: Bonus track(s) from unreleased compilation EP recording sessions.
***: Bonus tracks from "In the Eyes of Death" compilation.


Barcode: 7277017754407
Matrix / Runout (Side A): 54203E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side B): 54203E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side C): 54204E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side D): 54204E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side E): 54205E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side F): 54205E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side G): 54206E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side H): 54206E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side I): 54207E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side J): 54207E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side K): 54208E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side L): 54208E2/A

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