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Undernoise > Historias de la morgue
Undernoise - Historias de la morgue
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Historias de la morgue


Release date:
Catalog ID:
HEC 025
Hecatombe Records
None yet
1. Intro (Autopsia Craneal)  
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2. Historias de la morgue  
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3. El canibal de Rothenburg  
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4. El noble arte de la tortura  
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5. El hogar de la demencia  
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6. Belleza deforme  
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7. Enterrado vivo  
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8. Practicando la necrofilia  
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9. Dr. Muerte  
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10. Infectado  
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11. 13 puñaladas  
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12. El buen cristiano  
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13. Jesse  
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14. Genocidio  
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15. Aplicando la eutanasia  
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Charly Bass, Vocals
Valen Drums
Chaski Guitars, Vocals
Eddie Vocals
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"Historias de la Morgue" was recorded in the last days of 2008, in Sonido XXI.
The band released the album in 2010 by themselves, limited to 500 copies.

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