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Under Moonlight Sadness > Moonlord
Under Moonlight Sadness - Moonlord
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Under Moonlight Sadness

Release date:
September 2009
Catalog ID:
AB 018
Ablaze Productions
None yet
1. Clonaeon 03:56  
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2. Prostemieria 04:20  
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3. Archaic Sigh 03:37  
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4. The Lambs of the Absurd 03:52  
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5. Depths of Me (In the Deepest Sky) 04:20  
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6. Unnatural (Live) 05:00  
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7. Archaic Sigh (Live) 03:53  
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8. Dying Moon (Live) 05:02  
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9. Behind the Tears (After the Mourning) (Live) 08:35  
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Originally recorded at 2003, they call it an "album" even it only has 5 tracks and an original total length of only 20:05 minutes.

This is the "finally out" release that also includes 5 live bonus tracks.

Recording information:

Recorded in 2003 at Esfera 3 Studio by Miguel Angel Tavera.
Mixed by Miguel Angel Tavera.
Mastered by Jesus Bravo at Evolution Studios
Executive Producer by Juan Luis Sabdoval "Ablaze Prods".
Live Tracks recorded in December 2004.
Live Photo by Oscar Reyes
Cover Artwork by Federico Ruiz.
Layout by Ivan Bloodhunter.

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