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Ex Budgie

Tredegar / Titus Oats / Freez

Release date:
Catalog ID:
SD 002
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Sabre Dance
500 copies
None yet
1. Tredegar - Love It Or Hate It 05:13  
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2. Tredegar - No Surprises 06:10  
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3. Tredegar - Strange Situation 03:58  
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4. Tredegar - Daylight Robbery 03:12  
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5. Tredegar - Which Way To Go (Early Version) 05:28  
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6. Tredegar - Duma 06:03  
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7. Tredegar - Higher and Higher  
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8. Tredegar - 1066  
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9. Tredegar - Hard Time (live) 03:20  
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10. Titus Oats - Comming Home 03:13  
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11. Titus Oats - Hard boiled Head Case 03:26  
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12. Freez - Untitled 04:55  
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13. Freez - I Believe in Love 00:45  
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Each copy was signed by Ray Phillips.

Recording information:

Tracks 1 & 2: Recorded by the final Tredegar line-up (featuring both Ray Phillips and Jason Marsh) and are from an old mix. 'Love it or Hate it' and ‘No Surprises' recorded in late 1991 in Music Factory Studio's, Cardiff, Wales.

Track 3 dates from the first Tredegar demo's recorded in late 1982 featuring Ray Phillips, Tony Bourge, Bob Winter and Carl Sentence (Ex Persian Risk, on vocals). Closer to early Budgie, this track was first presented on the First Demo's Ltd Edition tape package put out by Sabre Dance in October 1991.

Track 4 is an early demo rescued from the archives featuring Alan Fish (Ex Groundhogs) on bass guitar.
The version of ‘Which Way to Go' presented here is the original demo version recorded in May, 1983 by the first Tredegar line up (Bourge/ Phillips/ Fish / Hornsby). This song was subsequently re-recorded by a later Tredegar line up for the 1986 debut album released on Aries (UK) Records.

‘Duma’ first released in 1986 was the band's first single, originally released in a picture sleeve cover with a limited edition pressing of 1000, it is very rare now!

Tracks 7 & 8: Recorded by a five piece Tredegar featuring Trixie Thorne on vocals. '1066' in particular captures Tredegar's brief stab at the commercial rock market. Both tracks were recorded at Bristol's Track Studio's in late 1989.

Track 9 was recorded in concert from one of Tredegar's earliest live performances from London's Fulham Greyhound in July, 1983. A powerful track that also features a drum solo by Ray Phillips, it is presented here for the first time.

The Titus Oats tracks 'Comming Home' and 'Hard Boiled Head Case’ were taken from the only surviving tape owned by Ray Phillips. The tracks recorded by Titus Oats, a power trio featuring Ray Phillips on drums and lead vocals date from 1980.

The Freez tracks feature Ray Phillips and Tony Bourge. Freez were formed in July, 1978, it was the first time Ray and Tony had played together since their days in Budgie. In August 1979 the band were forced to change their name and became STORM (a more familar name to many Budgie fans). The tracks recorded by Freez date from a recording session (under the guidance of former Budgie
manager Graham Maloney) at Pathway Studios in London, December 1978.

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