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Traumatomy > Chapters of Grotesque Torments
Traumatomy - Chapters of Grotesque Torments
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Chapters of Grotesque Torments


Release date:
August 17th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Swallow Vomit Productions
None yet
1. Grown in the Mold Sores (Promo 2012) 04:31   Show lyrics
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2. Impregnated with Pus (Promo 2012) 02:59   Show lyrics
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3. Transformation into a Putrid Mass (Transformation into a Putrid Mass EP 2013) 03:47   Show lyrics
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4. Generating Xenomorphic Mutations (Guttural Carnaval Split 2014) 03:55   Show lyrics
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5. Unconscious Self Devouring (Guttural Carnaval Split 2014) 03:57   Show lyrics
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6. Spontaneous Internal Degradation (Four Formidable Forms Split 2014) 03:32  
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7. Conversion of Purulent Ulcers (Promo 2014) 03:30  
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8. Intracranial Decomposition (Promo 2014) 03:16  
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9. Sculpture of Endless Torment (Realms of Endless Massacre Split 2015) 03:55  
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10. Atonement by Self-dismemberment (Realms of Endless Massacre Split 2015) 03:31  
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Compilation of all the band's songs from previous splits and promos.

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