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The Official Bootleg DVD


Release date:
March 2011
Catalog ID:
Radiant Records
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1. Opening Bits  
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2. Rehearsels  
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3. Club Transatlantic  
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4. Duel with the Devil  
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5. No Seperation  
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6. In Tilburg  
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7. Shine on Tilburg  
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8. Milan  
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9. Mr Wonderful / Cheat Sheet  
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10. My New World  
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11. In Berlin  
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12. Stage Dive  
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13. Shine on You Crazy Diamond  
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14. The End  
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Pete Trewavas Bass, Vocals
Mike Portnoy Drums, Vocals
Roine Stolt Guitars, Vocals
Neal Morse Keyboards, Vocals
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This never before seen DVD includes two hours of backstage and live home-made movies shot during the Bridge Across Forever Tour – featuring complete live versions of “Duel With The Devil” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, shot from the front row with no studio tweaking.

Get inside the dressing rooms for many hilarious and intimate conversations that give you a new glimpse into the band that is making some of the most powerful progressive rock music of this generation. Also includes a lost video of TransPacific live in the studio! Also features never before released footage of Mike Portnoy stage diving!

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