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Toxic Holocaust > Toxic Thrash Metal
Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Thrash Metal
Toxic Holocaust discography (misc)
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Blasphemy, Mayhem, War
Toxic Holocaust discography (all)
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Blasphemy, Mayhem, War

Toxic Thrash Metal

Toxic Holocaust

Release date:
November 13th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Iron Fist Kommando
500 copies
1 review (avg. 70%)
Side A
1. Deathmaster 03:12   Show lyrics
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2. Metal Attack 03:37   Show lyrics
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3. Ready to Fight 03:48   Show lyrics
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4. Onslaught - Power from Hell (Onslaught cover) 04:29   Show lyrics
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5. Created to Kill 02:05  
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6. Bestial Invasion (Destruction cover) 03:57   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Deathmaster (Rehearsal version) 02:18  
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8. Metal Attack (Rehearsal version) 03:45   Show lyrics
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9. Great Deceiver (Bulldozer cover) 02:54   Show lyrics
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10. Emperor in Hell (Nunslaughter cover) 01:43   Show lyrics
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11. Mechanix (Megadeth cover) 03:54   Show lyrics
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Read The compilation that... 70% Misainzig June 8th, 2010

Originally released on CASSETTE TAPE limited to 500 copies (Artwork on the Right)
Catalog #: IFKP010
Cover Artwork by Braulio Castillo
Tape Layout by Franciasco Vera for Iron Fist Kommando Productions

Tracks 1-2 Released on the Death Master 7'' by Gloom Records Records, 2004
Tracks 3-4 Released on the Power From Hell 7'' by Iron Bonehead Productions
Track 5 Released on the Outbreak of Evil vol. 1 by Witching Metal Records
Track 6 Destruction Cover recorded for Destruction tribute LP by Deathstrike Records
Track 7-8 from Unreleased rehearsal tape March 29, 2003
Track 9 Bulldozer cover recorded for bulldozer tribute 7'' by Warlord Records Records
Track 10 Nunslaughter cover recorded for Nunslaughter tribute by Morbid Souls Music Music
Track 11 Megadeth cover exclusive to this release

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Added on: 2004-12-21 01:49:22 Last modified on: 2016-04-18 14:22:04