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Totem > Let's Play
Totem - Let's Play
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Let's Play


Release date:
April 11th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Mystic Production
None yet
1. Stage One 03:36  
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2. Cross-Fire 05:01  
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3. Let's Play (Invisible Insanity) 04:47  
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4. Inside 05:07  
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5. A Song 4U 03:44  
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6. Just Take a Ride 03:57  
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7. Another You 03:50  
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8. Imprisoned Mind 03:53  
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9. My City Game 04:32  
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10. A Perfect Lie (She and I) 06:12  
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Rudy Guitars
Weronika Zbieg Vocals
Dzierzu Guitars
Fulba Bass
Toma Drums
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All Music & Lyrics by Totem,

Produced by Totem,

Drums Recorded by Tomasz Zalewski at Zed Studio,

Guitars & Vocals Recorded by Totem at Wolbrom Home Studio,

Mixed & Mastered by Szymon Czech at Elephant Studio,

Cover Art & Design by Dzwonek,

Band Photos by Krzysiek Boniecki.

Guest vocals in "Stage One" & "A Song 4U" by Pachu from Huge CCM.
Guest vocals in "A Song 4U" by Auman from Frontside.

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