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Totale Vernichtung > Ritualmordlegenden
Totale Vernichtung - Ritualmordlegenden
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Totale Vernichtung

Release date:
June 27th, 2014
Catalog ID:
DTB 170
Darker than Black Records
None yet
1. Nuklearpogrom 04:39  
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2. Die Gasmaskenbildner 03:55  
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3. In Grauenhaft 05:22  
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4. Massengrablied 04:14   Show lyrics
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5. Alles geht wieder mit rechten Dingen zu 05:40  
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6. Sturm aus dem Rauchfang 05:05   Show lyrics
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7. Das letzte zertretene Glas 03:46  
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8. Theologischer Genozid 06:34   Show lyrics
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Album title translation (from German): Legends of ritual murder
Song title translations (from German):
1. Nuclear pogrom
2. [Pun on the words "Gasmaske" (gas mask) and "Maskenbildner" (make-up artist)]
3. [Pun on the words "grauenhaft" (gruesome/horrendous) and "in Haft sein" (being constrained/in custody)]
4. Mass grave song
5. Everything is according to the rules again
6. Storm from the chimney hood
8. Theological genocide

Recording information:

All music and lyrics written, performed and recorded in 2013. Mixed and mastered at Abgrund-Tonstudio, Berlin, in 2014.

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