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Total Eclipse - Spellcaster
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Total Eclipse

Release date:
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1. The March 09:58  
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2. Stormwarning 05:09  
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3. Flames of Eternity 07:34  
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4. Above and Below 06:40  
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5. Hell on Earth 09:20  
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6. Seven Trials 05:57  
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7. Final Evolution 04:04  
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8. Spellcaster 09:39  
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Band members
Andy Dracons Giardina Vocals
Erik Cameron Guitars
Chris Cameron Guitars
Owen Hart Bass
Ramon Ochoa Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Uwe Lulis Producer
Uwe Lulis Producer
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Also known as 'Hell on Earth', this album was recorded by Uwe Lulis in 2000 and was intended to be the band's debut, but in the end was never officially released. When Andy Dracons Giardina re-activated the band with a new-line-up the album was finally released (although it could be found on P2P software for many years before).

The tracklisting below is the one originally intended. When the album was officially released it was changed to:

1. Hell on Earth
2. Final Evolution
3. Stormwarning
4. Spellcaster
5. 7 Trials
6. The Flames of Eternity
7. Above & Below
8. Ashes of Eden*

*Previously unreleased demo track (full version later appeared on the album of the same name).

"The March" was excluded from the 'official' version of the album.

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