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Tormentor > The Sick Years > 2000, Cassette, Osiris Productions
Tormentor - The Sick Years
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The Sick Years


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Osiris Productions
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1. Mephisto (live Debrecen'88) 03:36  
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2. Tormentor (live Debrecen'88) 03:16  
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3. Beyond (live Debrecen'88) 03:56  
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4. Countess Bathory (live Debrecen'88) 04:19  
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5. Tormentor II. (live Debrecen'88) 04:04  
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6. Damned Grave (live Debrecen'88) 03:33  
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7. Mephisto (studio in Miskolc) 03:53  
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8. The 7th Day of Doom (studio in Miskolc) 03:19  
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9. Branded with Satan (live Tatbanya'86) 06:14  
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10. Live in Damnation (live Tatbanya'86) 04:50  
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11. Intro (live Csepel'86) 01:08  
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12. Infinite Darkness (live Csepel'86) 05:40  
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13. Live in Black Hole (ABSTRACT, Machat-Csihar live perform.) 04:19  
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14. Live in Blue Box (ABSTRACT, Machat-Csihar live perform.) 00:54  
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15. Daemons pt.1 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.) 02:24  
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16. Daemons pt.2 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.) 01:26  
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17. Daemons pt.3 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.) 04:28  
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18. Daemons pt.4 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.) 03:07  
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Totally rare material contains 12 live songs + 6 bonus songs of bands Abstract and Daemons Fog (side projects of Tormentor bandmembers). Released as tape with pro-printed B/W cover, a CD-R version also exists. This compilation is released with the band’s permission.

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